Best Auto Repair Service in Myrtle Beach, SC – Eds Garage

Best Auto Repair Service in Myrtle Beach, SC – Eds Garage

You are trying to get to Myrtle Beach, for that sandy beach,and clear ocean in the afternoon sun. But you have car troubles.

Not to worry. Ed’s garage is here for you. With a wealth of experience from years of dealing in auto repair services, we are the leading auto repair company for all automotive related issues in Myrtle Beach, SC. Our highly competent mechanics are well rounded and have the knowledge and experience about all the problems your vehicle might experience so you don’t have to get a different mechanic or garage for brakes, transmission, etc… Once we give you one mechanic, he is good for everything. This builds confidence and trust.

We offer a myriad of services, from simple oil changes and tire changes to complex services like engine repair. Some of the professional services we guarantee, for your vehicle include:


At Ed’s garage we repair all sorts of engine problems that your car might face. From carburetor problems to ignition malfunctions. From compression faults, engine knocks and overheats, engine smokes and misses. We offer all types of remedies to any kind of engine problems. Nothing is too big or too small for us.



Here are a couple of symptoms that your car will exhibit when it needs brake repair. Squealing and grinding noises. A particularly serious one is when you hit the brake pedal and the car veers away wildly to one side. These are the symptoms that you need to get those brakes checked immediately, especially the last symptom which is very serious indeed. Brakes are very crucial to your safety,so don’t ignore any one of these signs.


When your car keeps stalling repeatedly,or you keep popping out of gear for no explainable reason, it is time you visited us for transmission repair. It is wise to treat transmission problems as soon as the symptoms begin to appear because failure to treat early, results in extensive damage later on which can be really costly to repair.


It is widely accepted truth that once your car hits the 100000 mile mark, you will have to get into a garage for tune-up, for every 10000-20000 miles thereafter. At Ed’s garage,we offer tune-up services for every type of vehicle, so once you hit that 100000 mile mark, be sure to visit us.


We are well equipped with state of the art, high tech, ultra modern vehicle diagnostic software to accurately detect any kind of problem that your vehicle might have. This is important because it helps our mechanics to accurately tackle a problem and save on valuable time. Our software can detect any trouble,from transmission problems to petrol tank problems and even exhaust problems.


The normal rule is to wait for 3000 miles to have an oil change. While some people claim that you can wait longer, it is always advisable to ensure that your engine has the proper amount of clean oil constantly. At Ed’s garage, we always make sure you have clean oil in your engine.

We are not just limited to these services. We offer other numerous services like, battery maintenance and replacement, cooling system services, tire services, air filtration services, general car maintenance, drivetrain services and all other vehicle related services.

So if you are around Myrtle Beach or want professional car services, please visit us.

Homes For Sale In Boerne Are Good Choices For Raising A Family

Homes For Sale In San Antonio TX Are Good Choices For Raising A Family
Homes for sale in Boerne TX are great options to consider if you want to raise a family in a nice community. The city of Boerne itself only has around 10,000 people, so it’s still got a great small town vibe and feel to it, although it offers tremendous ubran conveniences too. Whatever you can’t find in Boerne itself you can easily find in the short commute to San Antonio.

The many homes for sale in Boerne are a good mix of one and two story homes, older starter homes, and new construction. The growth is a good mix of organic economics as well as managed growth, so there’s not an explosive cancer of cookie cutter ‘McMansions‘ spaced a few feet apart that plague the growing suburbs of many big cities.

Boerne has solid schools and a lot of friendly people, although high paying work and a variety of career choices usually do involve commuting regularly to San Antonio, which itself is a great city for a place its size. San Antonio offers lots of shopping, culture, and entertainment, as well as professional sports, an annual rodeo and transportation connections to the rest of the state, country, and world.